Supreme Pools can troubleshoot, repair, and if necessary, replace your pool's filter. We work on all pool filters, including cartridge filters, sand filters, and DE filters.  Proper filtration is absolutely necessary for a clean and healthy pool. Not having a properly operating filter can put the safety of your water at risk, and subject your pool to increased risk of unsightly algae formation.

There are pros and cons to each of the three common types of pool filters, cartridge, sand, and DE. We sometimes find that owners wish to switch a filter to a different type to enjoy the features, advantages, and benefits of another. To discuss which is best for you, call our professionals. As with other types of pool equipment, we work with all the major pool filter manufacturer, both commercial and residential. Also note that we offer the entire range of replacement cartridges, pressure and vacuum gauges, and seals.


One of the more common repairs we perform is the replacement of motors for swimming pool pumps, as pool motors generally need to be replaced every few years, sometimes even within a year or two. Supreme Pools highly experienced repair department provides swimming pool motor troubleshooting, repair, replacement, and upgrade consultation services for customers in the Los Angeles area.

The motor on a pool is what powers the pump, the heart of your pool. Without a properly functioning motor, you will not have circulation, jeopardizing your water quality potentially making the water unsafe. When a motor goes out, it also is a good time to do a quick evaluation of your equipment. Do you have the pump that makes the most sense for you? Is this a good time to look at energy saving or automation (remote control) options? We work with all the major pool pump motors, both commercial and residential, including: Hayward Pentair (Whisperflo, Intelliflo®) Sta-Rite A.O. Smith General Electric Franklin and more.


Salt chlorine generator systems sanitize swimming pools by converting salt into chlorine, which kills pathogens and bacteria before returning to its former state, salt. The system converts salt to chlorine by passing the dissolved salt in the pool water through a small chamber (salt chlorinator cell) installed along the swimming pool’s water circulation system. These cells contain parallel titanium plates coated with either ruthenium or iridium. The plates are electronically charged to produce hypochlorous acid(HOCl), and sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) from the salt.

 Generally, most people swimming in salt water pools feel the water is softer, has a lower chlorine scent, and they have fewer incidences of dry skin and burning eyes. 


Water feels smoother in a salt water swimming pool.

Salt water has a lower chlorine scent.

Salt water pools cause less burning of the eyes and itchy skin.

No need to buy and store chlorine with a salt water swimming pool.


Cleaning the salt chlorinator cell too often with acid reduces the life of the cell by stripping the coating on the plates.

Cleaning the salt chlorinator cell with a highly concentrated acid reduces the life of the cell.

Salt water chlorine generator cells have a tendency to allow Ph to rise. Check the water chemistry regularly.

Stabilizer is a key component of salt chlorine generator systems and needs to be checked regularly.

Running the salt chlorine generator for long periods without enough salt in the swimming pool can strip the coating off of the cell.

There are still occasions where shocking the swimming pool with extra chlorine may be advantageous.

When swimmers smell more chlorine than normal and have eye irritations, they tend to assume there is too much chlorine in the pool. In fact, what they may be experiencing is organic contamination (chloramines), not chlorine. The remedy is more chlorine, not less.

Although some salt chlorine generator systems have a “shock” or “boost” button, this does not mean a swimming pool can be shocked by the salt chlorine generator. Salt chlorine generator systems cannot produce enough chlorine over a short period of time to significantly impact algae.





As your pool water evaporates, all the minerals stay behind and as you continuously add water this mineral content increases rapidly over time, causing your pool water hardness to increase. Eventually these minerals (mainly calcium) begin to deposit on your pool plaster surface causing unsightly staining. Acid Washing includes draining the pool, cleaning up any dirt and debris and acid washing the swimming pool & spa surface.





So, you got a great deal on your home, but the pool is a mess! Let Supreme pools turn your "green" pool "blue" again! Contact us today for a free quote!

Green water swimming pools are not only unappealing, they can be hazardous to your health. The most common cause of green pool water is algae. Algae blooms occur when there are insufficient levels of chlorine, unbalanced PH levels, or improper chemical mixtures within your pool's water. A faulty pool filter will also give algae an opportunity to thrive.

Another potential cause of green pool water is the presence of metals in your water. High concentrations of copper, iron, manganese, or other metals may react chemically with the chlorine in your pool water and give the pool a greenish tinge. If your pool appears to be free of algae, yet the water is still somewhat green, metals may be the culprit.

The experts at Supreme Pools can help you determine what specific conditions are causing your green pool woes and can quickly develop a plan of action to turn your green pool blue again. Give us a ring, text or email and we'll test the waters, identify the problem and offer recommendations on how to resolve the issue.

We pride ourselves on providing superior pool service that is on time, reliable and within budget and ensure complete customer satisfaction. Our technicians are trained to fulfill all of your expectations. We are a State Certified Pool/Spa Operator with Certification by the National Swiming Pool Foundation and  properly licensed, insured and bonded, which means our customers will receive service that meets the highest quality standards.